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The Climate Science Alliance Shares Model of Strategic Cross-Sector Partnerships at the 2nd Internat

Last month Alliance team member, Udara Abeysekera, represented the Alliance at the 2nd International Conference on Climate Change in Colombo, Sri Lanka. She learned about climate change impacts and solutions from climate researchers and practitioners representing 18 different countries and presented on the Alliance model of bringing diverse groups of climate leaders together to safeguard our natural and human communities from climate change impacts. Udara describes her experience as “a unique opportunity to expand the Alliance network abroad. It was really incredible seeing how much interest there is in replicating this model of working groups made up of diverse partner organizations under a single umbrella like the Alliance.” The Alliance was also awarded 2nd best presentation for a poster presentation on the San Diego County Ecosystems Assessment - an assessment of climatic changes and ecological impacts in the San Diego region.

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