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Communicating Climate Change through Art — CSA guest lectures in Art Institute class

On Wednesday, June 6th staff from the Climate Science Alliance presented on the role of art in climate change communication for students enrolled in an Environmental Science class at the Art Institute of California.

While the science behind climate change is concrete, the way it's often communicated — papers published in scientific journals, complex graphs, textbook terminology — is simply not always very effective. The Climate Science Alliance recognizes that artists have the ability to tell the story of climate change in a way that invokes an emotional response and can inspire action on both an individual and community level. As a result we created the Affiliated Artists Program as a part of our Innovative Community Engagement focus area, in order to pair art with science and share the story within our communities.

After the presentation, the students participated in an art activity, in which each group was given a scenario in which they had to use art to communicate climate change.

The Climate Science Alliance thanks Professor Sam Yat-Long Poon for having us in his classroom, and the students for activity engaging in this important discussion.

If you want to the learn more about our Affiliated Artists program and our current Affiliated Artists, visit here.

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