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Climate Kids Program Highlighted on Local Government Commission blog for the CA Adaptation Forum

Local Government Commission (LGC) blog for the California Adaptation Forum highlighted the Climate Science Alliance’s Climate Kids program as part of their June Stories. The series of articles focused on efforts taking place around California to engage and empower youth on climate action.

Alliance Director Dr. Amber Pairis authored the article titled, “Climate Kids: Science-Art-Storytelling-ACTION” to share how youth are stepping into leadership roles to translate their understanding of climate science into local solutions.

“Youth are rising to fill these roles, to carry these stories, to engage with their communities, and to be part of something bigger than themselves. When I ask youth if they are the only Climate Kids in the world they yell proudly with a resounding ‘NO — we are everywhere!’ It is this feeling of being part of something bigger that gives them strength but for me it’s the strongest glimmer of hope I could ask for.”

Read the full article here.

Register for the 2018 California Adaptation Forum here.

Learn more about Climate Kids here.

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