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A Successful Year for Climate Kids, Thanks to SDG&E Support!

Through SDG&E’s Environmental Champions Initiative, the Climate Science Alliance has met a growing demand for Climate Kids programming by working 1:1 with 20 organizations to integrate climate science into their programs and training 50 additional organizations through a day long training event. These consultations have helped us expand climate science messaging and activities to new schools and programs resulting in 19,835 contacts with youth at 32 schools. In addition, we participated in 11 large scale community events reaching thousands of youth and families. This initiative has allowed the Alliance to pivot to a new role where we can provide science content and facilitate a growing network of educators as they bring climate science to life in their programs. SDG&E’s support has allowed us to continue to provide free climate training to educators and participate in community events to reach youth and the public in creative ways including supporting field trips for youth.

We are incredibly grateful for SDG&E’s funding which has allowed us to pivot to a support role to invest in our partners with robust education and outreach programs to include climate science in their curriculum. We see this as a sustainable path forward and will continue to be a resource for our community and continue to convene our partners to support a collaborative network of Climate Kids partners across the region.

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