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Art of Change headed to the 2018 California Adaptation Forum!

The “Art of Change”, our traveling climate-art show, will be featured as “Art @ CAF” for the 2018 California Adaptation Forum in partnership with the Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation (Center) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. From August 27-29 California Adaptation Forum attendees can visit the exhibit and learn more about the role of art in climate change communication.

“Art @ CAF” will unveil new art from Affiliated Artist Audrey Carver as part of her Climate Art Fellowship with the Center, as well as art from the newest Affiliated Artists Adi Khen, Skylaar Amann and Kris Moore. This new art will be displayed alongside other youth and affiliated artists work that are part of the Art of Change show that travels around San Diego county.

If you plan on attending CAF, visit the Main Ballroom to view “Art @ CAF”.

Learn more about “Art @ CAF” here.

Learn more about our Art of Change show here.

Meet our newest Affiliated Artists here.

Register for CAF here.

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