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SD Coastkeeper’s Education Team Highlights Climate Science Alliance Partnership

The Climate Science Alliance has partnered with San Diego Coastkeeper over the past few years to help incorporate climate change themes into their educational programs and to pilot them at local classrooms. The Education Team recently shared an article thanking the Alliance and local partners for the incredible success of their climate change messaging to youth.

The Alliance and SD Coastkeeper delivered lessons to Pacific Beach Elementary reaching every student through K-5. “These lessons included tools for understanding which human activities produce greenhouse gases, presentations on the ways in which climate change is impacting our oceans, games that help illustrate links between human behaviors and climate outcomes, and resources full of tips for how students can reduce their climate impacts in their own lives and empower their families and communities to do the same.”

The Alliance is proud to partner with San Diego Coastkeeper to deliver climate change messaging in our local communities. The Alliance team would like to especially thank Sandra Lebron, Education Manager, for her dedication and passion.

We look forward to working with San Diego Coastkeeper in the years to come!

Read the full article here.

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