Meet Laura Walsh, Our Newest Affiliated Artist!

Our newest Affiliated Artist is Laura Walsh, a Southcoast diver and surfer who uses film to capture the sublimity of local breaks. Read the Q&A below to get to know the newest artist in the Alliance family!

Climate Science Alliance (Alliance): How would you describe your photography?

Laura Walsh (Laura): I shoot film photos of the coast that focus on what I think we love about it most — it’s purity, limitlessness, dynamism, and power. I am most focused on the way light reflects on water and the flow of color between water and air. Although my photos are intended to celebrate the purity of the ocean, I often include people who have a positive relationship with the ocean. I think people are generally aware and saddened by the tensions modern society has with the ocean, and this is a way of recognizing that people and coastlines still have positive commensal relationships.

Alliance: Your work focuses on the coastline — what is your relationship with it?

Laura: I am a surfer and diver so my relationship with the coast is one of dependence. I also research water quality and work in coastal adaptation planning, so a lot of my professional work centered around the fact that society is often at conflict with the ocean; this is especially characterized by climate change. I think it’s important we remember that the ocean has been able to retain so much natural complexity and intrinsic beauty.

Alliance: When/why did you begin using photography to communicate?

Laura: I moved to San Diego from inland Los Angeles and was just shocked at how deeply living by the coast affected my day to day happiness and overall life path. I really began shooting a lot of ocean scenes when I moved to Windansea Beach because it is just such a special and dynamic break that I get to wake up to each morning.

Alliance: Why do you use film?

Laura: I use color film because it is uniquely able to preserve natural color and light. Light on water can be difficult to capture, I'm especially interested in the special ‘glow’ that appears above water from phenomenons like sunrise and sunset.