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Welcome Alex Warneke as the *NEW* Deputy Director!

The Climate Science Alliance (Alliance) team is excited to announce that Alexandria Warneke has joined the team as our new Deputy Director! Prior to joining the Alliance Alex served as the Scientific Outreach Coordinator at Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy but always found time to bring her ideas and leadership to the table to help with the green team’s innovative community engagement initiative. Alex obtained her M.Sc. in Chemical Ecology from San Diego State University and has worked alongside stakeholders in education, academia, non-profit, and government to translate and disseminate science in ways that are accessible and inclusive.

Alex helped launch our Climate Kids program, informed the creation and development of our Traveling Trunks, and served as the chair of the green team for the last year. Alex already has ideas on how to strengthen our current framework and broaden the scope of our partnerships on a both a local and global level. We are thrilled to have Alex take on a much larger role in the Alliance and look forward to having her energy, enthusiasm, and innovative ideas as the Alliance continues to grow in scope and capacity. Alex is a perfect fit for a team that is growing, adapting, and striving to inspire a more resilient future.

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