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Alliance Showcases Climate Art, Leads Plenaries, and Builds Network at 2018 CAF

The Climate Science Alliance team gathered in Sacramento, California for the 2018 California Adaptation Forum, joining 750 policymakers, community leaders, and expert practitioners to discuss the social, economic, and environmental impacts of climate change. Along with showcasing our traveling “Art of Change” show, our team and partners led plenaries throughout the 3-day event and engaged with current and new members of our network.

In the last days of August, the Climate Science Alliance (Alliance) team gathered in Sacramento, California for the 2018 California Adaptation Forum (CAF) to discuss how to ensure equity in our adaptation efforts and strengthen climate resilience while balancing economic opportunity and environmental stewardship. For the Alliance’s second time at CAF, our team showcased our traveling climate art show “Art of Change” and led various plenaries and workshops throughout the 3-day event.

The Forum opened with an unveiling of California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment and an in-depth discussion with the dozens of scientists behind the reports. One of the technical reports of the assessment, “San Diego County Ecosystems: Ecological Impacts of Climate Change on a Biodiversity Hotspot” was organized by the Alliance. Dr. Julie Kalansky of The California-Nevada Climate Applications Program (CNAP) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography represented the team of authors in the plenary discussion. Dr. Dan Cayan, who authored multiple reports of the assessment including San Diego’s regional report and technical ecosystem report, also co-led the plenary.

While the full report was made public, the Alliance team provided our summary report in a magazine format to serve as an easily accessible resource for CAF attendees. As part of our “Art of Change” display we highlighted a series of art from this summer’s Climate Art Fellowship, in which Alliance artist Audrey Carver translated key chapters of the report using portraits. “Art of Change” also unveiled new art from our newest Affiliated Artists.

Alliance advisors Dr. Megan Jennings and Laura Engeman joined the Alliance’s partner, Dr. Mark Merrifield of Scripps’ Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation, for Tuesday’s workshop “Driving Adaptation Action Using Regional Science and Expertise”, sharing how they drive decision-making for adaptation actions and investments. Engeman also highlighted the Alliance’s network in Wednesday’s workshop “Expanding Coastal Networks to Accelerate Adaptation and Incorporate Equity” as part of a strategic discussion on how to apply more of an equity lens to network and develop concrete recommendations for future action.

The Alliance is proud to have the opportunity to build upon the shared experiences and connections to further adaptation throughout the state.

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