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MBHS Climate Kids Ambassadors Trained for Community Events

Last month, students at Mission Bay High School participated in a Climate Science Alliance training to become Climate Kids Ambassadors. Student ambassadors join us at community events to educate the community about climate change.

The Climate Science Alliance's Climate Kids Ambassadors program invites high school students to put their lab coats back on and join Alliance staff at community events and in elementary and middle school classrooms. On December 7th, Alliance staff trained a new set of ambassadors by equipping them with the tools needed to teach the community about climate change.

Ambassadors at Mission Bay High School (MHBS) in San Diego are dedicated to spreading the climate message through leading a Climate Kids Club at their school and helping with community events and in-school lessons. Climate Kids/Eco-Club president Zoe Wynne is a senior at Mission Bay High and is already training a new set of club presidents — Jesse Grigolite and Ashley Slomba.

MBHS students will join Alliance staff at upcoming community events and Earth Days to teach about marine ecosystems, carnivores, pollinators, and regional climate change impacts. To learn more about the Climate Kids ambassadors program, visit:

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