Meet Rick and Jeree' Waller, Our Newest Affiliated Artists!

Our newest Affiliated Artists are Rick and Jeree' Waller of Wild Destinations Photography and HeartWork Accessible Nature Photography LearnShops. Get to know the newest artists in the Alliance family in this Q&A!

Climate Science Alliance (Alliance): What originated your passions for art, and specifically, photography and watercolor?

Rick and Jeree' Waller (Wallers): Rick has been a passionate nature photographer for much of his life due to his love of wild life, plants, rocks, water and a desire to maintain beautiful and peaceful surroundings for everyone. Jeree’ loves photography for the same reasons, and started to paint after she retired as a way to express her enthusiasm for the colors, shapes, shades and movement of all that is natural.

Alliance: How has nature inspired you lately?

Wallers: Nature has inspired both of us, especially over the past two years, to start an accessible nature photography program so that all may enjoy the outdoors no matter what their age, economic situation, disability, hearing loss, emotional factors, or stamina level. HeartWork Accessible NaturePhotography LearnShops are held at National and State Parks and reserves across the United States and Canada, with our time and expertise in both disability rights and fine art photography donated in conjunction with non-profits and families.

Alliance: In what ways has climate change affected your lives, either personally or as a community?

Wallers: Climate change has affected us in several ways: We have enjoyed snorkeling for many years, and are sad to see that the number of fish and the vibrancy of the coral are diminishing. As long-time residents of the northern California foothills, we have noticed an increase in air pollution, as well as droughts leading to wild fires – the Camp Fire in November of 2018 came dangerously close to our daughter’s and her family and destroyed the homes of several friends.