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Affiliated Artist Michael Ready Showcases Installation at Qualcomm

Climate Science Alliance Affiliated Artist, Michael Ready, brought his powerful installation “Art Forms in Nature” to be displayed at the Qualcomm campus this Spring. Learn more about his newest collaboration here!

“Nature showcases a unique geometry of living forms. Shape, structure, color, and pattern each play a complex role in ecological function. From large-scale ecosystems to microscopic beings, there is a unique magnificence in the complexities driven by evolution and necessity.”

- Art Forms in Nature Installation

Climate Science Alliance Affiliated Artist, Michael Ready, recently teamed up with Qualcomm to showcase his exhibition Art Forms in Nature. Art Forms in Nature highlights the interplay between ecological form and function through an artistically scientific lens. From the symmetrical rosette of the Agave, to the unique dermal scales of shark skin, each Art Form is specifically crafted for utility and efficiency. The exhibition, on display this Spring, was brought to the Qualcomm campus to celebrate Earth Day and the incredible biodiversity of our region.

Michael Ready is a photographer specializing in natural history, science, and conservation subjects. From vanishing amphibians to bioluminescent squid, Michael's collection of images seeks to reveal the diversity of life and particularly its smaller and lesser-known forms. While possessing a background rooted in natural history, his vision is divergent from typified nature photography. With an eye for rich colors, abstract patterns, and compositional mystery, the resulting images bring a sense of wonder and connection to the wild -- and to the idea that nothing is outside of nature.

Though he has worked in remote and exotic locations around the world, he still finds as much intrigue in the details of a knobby sea star or the eyes of a Pacific sand wasp. Michael’s recent work features habitats and wildlife of southern California, where he has been working to document biodiversity. His current projects include collaborations with NOAA Fisheries, Cabrillo National Monument, Channel Islands National Park, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Terra Peninsular, and, of course, the Climate Science Alliance.

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