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Elementary Institute of Science Summer Camp Attendees Participate in Climate Kids

Summer camp students at the Elementary Institute of Science recently participated in the Climate Kids program — check out what they learned about climate impacts in our region.

Recently, the Elementary Institute of Science (EIS) brought Climate Kids Traveling Trunk activities to their summer camp programs. Students participated in hands-on climate science, art, and storytelling activities focused around oceans, carnivores, and pollinators.

Hundreds of 2-8th grade youth engaged in STEAM activities such as making observations of local pollinators in their school yard and learning about ocean acidification impacts to local shelled wildlife. Storybooks tied pressing climate issue to local themes and art allowed students to share their climate stories with their friends and family.

Climate Kids, an initiative of the Climate Science Alliance, is a series of community level collaborative projects that provide youth education on climate change through science activities, storytelling, and art. Each Climate Kids project brings together local artists, scientists, educators, and storytellers to engage students of all socioeconomic levels and inspire them to become environmental stewards. Through partnerships with climate scientists and qualified educators, Climate Kids encourages curiosity about the natural world while providing youth the tools necessary to make educated decisions about how to protect our planet in the future.

Learn more about the Climate Kids program at

About EIS: The Elementary Institute of Science (EIS), a partner of the Climate Science Alliance, is a nonprofit organization committed to increasing lifelong opportunities for students of southeast San Diego through science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. Their after-school, weekend and school partnership programs broaden access to quality STEM experiences, foster critical thinking, expand technical skills and encourage students to pursue STEM careers.

To learn more about the Elementary Institute of Science, please visit:

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