Alliance Explores “The Science of Where” at the 2019 ESRI User Conference

The Climate Science Alliance’s Science Program Manager, Lindsey Jasperse, recently attended the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) User Conference to share her graduate thesis poster and learn about the advanced state of Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping.

The Alliance’s Lindsey Jasperse recently attended the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) User Conference, which showcased how users are integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as “the science of where” to foster deeper insights and an enriched understanding of the world. For many years, GIS mapping has been leveraged as a tool for analyzing and solving problems, and as a common visual language across disciplines. Featured presenters, such as NatureServe, the City of Zwolle, United Services Automobile Association (USAA), National Geographic and Africa Parks, in addition to keynote speakers, Jane Goodall and E.O Wilson, demonstrated how mapping can help discover and safeguard natural and human communities around the world. Their stories highlighted the ways in which these tools can be used for creating smart-cities, building climate resilience, promoting global biodiversity conservation, and fostering world peace.

While at the User Conference, Jasperse attended the Map Gallery to share her graduate thesis poster that she completed with Alliance Director, Dr. Amber Pairis, and U.S. Geological Survey Research Hydrologist, Dr. Lorraine Flint. This project, entitled “Opportunities for Climate-Smart Agriculture in San Diego County,” uses downscaled climate modeling and GIS mapping to identify areas throughout San Diego County where climate-smart agriculture could result in hydrologic benefit. She hopes her poster can help tell the story of San Diego’s agricultural landscape and the importance of conserving agricultural lands in light of climate change and future urban development.

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