First Carbon Sink Farming Convergence a Success!

The Alliance team was excited to collaborate on the first Carbon Sink Farming Convergence, hosted by Solidarity Farm and Pauma Tribal Farms on November 4th - 5th. The Convergence provided an opportunity for diverse individuals to come together, share land-based strategies and solutions for agriculture, and discuss ways to support and advance collaborative actions across the region.

The Carbon Sink Farming Convergence, hosted by the Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians, Solidarity Farm, and Pauma Tribal Farms on November 4th - 5th, provided an opportunity for diverse individuals to connect across disciplines, share land-based strategies and solutions, and discuss ways to support and advance collaborative actions across the region.

The Convergence brought together over 200 individuals to discuss ways to evolve our food system through re-integrating indigenous foodways, supporting farmer-led agricultural practices, and engaging technical assistance providers, consumers, policy makers, scientists and advocates.

Attendees were invited to join one of the four delegations, including: Hands in the Earth (Farmers, Ranchers, Traditional Foodways Practitioners); Knowledge to Share (Scientists and Technical Advisors); Voices with Vision (Policy Makers and Tribal Leadership); and Movement Builders (Students, Funders, Health Practitioners, Educators, Retailers). Throughout the Convergence, these delegations came together to share and collaborate with the purpose of building power and inspiring action.

The Convergence also allowed delegates to explore the collaborative efforts of Solidarity Farm and Pauma Tribal Farm’s Carbon Sink Demonstration project funded through the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Healthy Soils Grant. The demonstration farm provided attendees with an example of how climate-smart agriculture projects can bring together technical farming practices, scientific research, community outreach, and local knowledge to test approaches for sequestering carbon and advancing climate resilience.

The Carbon Sink Demonstration Farm and Convergence were made possible with the support of several sponsors, including CDFA, First Nations Development Institute, the 11th Hour Project, the California State Coastal Conservancy, New Belgium Family Foundation, The Conservation Fund, and Paicines Ranch.

To learn more about the Carbon Sink Farming Convergence and Demonstration Farm, please visit

Photos courtesy of our partners Condor Visual Media.

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