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Sold-Out Event Honors San Diego’s Newest Community Hero, Dr. Amber Pairis!

On January 13, more than 150 attendees gathered to hear from San Diego’s newest Community Hero, Climate Science Alliance Director Dr. Amber Pairis, and participate in a facilitated dialogue about climate hope. Learn about the event hosted by KPBS and the National Conflict Resolution Center on today’s blog!

Climate Science Alliance Director Dr. Amber Pairis was recently named as a KPBS and National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) Community Hero for her collaborative, community-centered approach to climate change.

On Monday January 13, 2020, KPBS and NCRC hosted a free, public interview with KPBS’ Mark Sauer and Dr. Pairis at the Great Hall on UC San Diego’s campus followed by a facilitated dialogue on climate solutions led by the NCRC - making history as the first sold-out event. More than 150 San Diegans of all ages gathered for the evening’s discussion, including a large group of students from Crawford High School.

Crawford High teacher Brenda Young asked her students to reflect on the event the following day - you can read their reflections in a San Diego Union-Tribune article from Steven P. Dinkin here.

Thank you to KPBS and NCRC for organizing this inspiring event, and to the attendees for participating in important dialogue.

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