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Celebrating the Stories That Connect Us: 2019 Climate Science Alliance Impact Report Now Available!

Take a moment to reflect on all that we have accomplished together this year in the 2019 Climate Science Alliance Impact Report and get excited for big things on the horizon in 2020!

The effects of our changing climate are becoming more tangible and we see the impacts we have talked about for years coming into play at a local, regional, and global scale. As we move forward at the intersection of science, management, and community engagement - the Climate Science Alliance continues to test and implement new and unique efforts that build resilience and support the needs of the communities we work with.

In 2020, we are committed to elevating the strong partnerships that make our collaborative work possible and continue to be nimble and creative as we take on new climate challenges and opportunities in the coming year.

Let’s Celebrate the Stories That Connect Us.

Hang up the fun poster in the 2019 Impact Report in your office, on the fridge, or in your classroom as a reminder that we are together in building climate resilience in our community and beyond. Snap a pic and share with us @climatesciencealliance or @CSAinAction using the hashtag #YourClimateStory

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