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Alliance Staff Join in Oak Tree Planting Party at Campo Kumeyaay Nation

Climate Science Alliance staff join San Diego State University and Campo Kumeyaay Nation Environmental Department in an Oak tree planting party!

Mary Jane plants a small oak tree

On Wednesday February 10th, Climate Science Alliance staff spent the early morning and afternoon on Kumeyaay lands as a part of the oak tree planting party with San Diego State University (SDSU) and Campo Kumeyaay Nation. Throughout the day we planted around one hundred oak trees that had been propagated and housed at SDSU as a part of an ongoing oak resiliency project, which worked to identify how oaks in the area will respond to certain climate change scenarios. After the research was over, oak seedlings were returned to the area from which they had been gathered. This project is a part of our larger Resilient Restoration program.

Thank you to the Campo Kumeyaay Nation for hosting us on their land for the day!

Pictured Above: Mary Jane Andreas and Audrey Carver


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