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Alliance Team Visits NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to Kick Off New Project!

Alliance Team members visited NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory last week for a kickoff meeting for a new project to support creation of the national Sea Level Rise Education, Awareness, and Literacy (SEAL) tools.

On January 17th and 18th, the Sea Level Education, Awareness, and Literacy (SEAL) team convened in Pasadena for a two-day meeting at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The Climate Science Alliance team is excited to be part of SEAL and work with NASA’s Science Activation (SciAct) program and different chapters of the SeaGrant program to develop and disseminate curriculum about Sea Level Rise using NASA satellite data. Our team had the chance to meet with SeaGrant teams from Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and California to talk about sea level rise curriculum, how to best communicate the science with different audiences, and how to leverage our Climate Kids program and community connections to make resources accessible, available, and engaging.

We’ll be sharing more information about this collaborative project over the next few years on our blog and Climate Kids website—stay tuned!

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