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Announcing the Collaborative of Native Nations for Climate Transformation & Stewardship (CNNCTS)

The Climate Science Alliance receives funding as part of the University of California $80 million state-funded grants program to spur climate action with the creation of the Collaborative of Native Nations for Climate Transformation & Stewardship (CNNCTS).

The CNNCTS logo, which consists of brown letters, a blue hand, and green ribbons braided together. The main goals of CNNCTS are written on the ribbons. Below the logo is an illustration of the ground with roots and a watering can. CNNCTS values are in the soil and partner logos are in the roots.

As part of a historic partnership between the University of California and the state of California, the University of California Office of the President announced that it is awarding over $80 million in climate action grants. The Climate Science Alliance alongside long time partners at San Diego State University are among the awardees. The grants will spur implementation of solutions that directly address the state’s climate priorities.

Led by San Diego State University and the Climate Science Alliance, this funding will support the longstanding vision to create the Collaborative of Native Nations for Climate Transformation & Stewardship (CNNCTS) that represents a paradigm shift in how climate action is visioned, led, and implemented. Reflecting both the cultural and biological diversity of southern California, CNNCTS will build capacity, support Tribal communities, and provide CSU, UC, and community college students with high-impact learning and training opportunities that leverage and transform university preserves and native land trust lands into learning laboratories. Our community-based partnerships will leverage local networks and Indigenous-led projects that have demonstrated successes to create a transferable, innovative, and effective model of land co-stewardship.

We want to thank our Tribal and non-tribal partners in their support of this vision and look forward to continuing to work closely with all partners in our collective commitment of community-led climate adaptation that is directly influenced and inspired by our Tribal and Indigenous partners and their worldviews of relationships.

Love, the Climate Science Alliance Team :-)

All partner logos side by side

CNNCTS is a collaboration between the following partners:

San Diego State University (foundational partner)

The Climate Science Alliance (foundational partner)


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