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Another Great Day at Wild Willow Farm with Stewardship Pathways!

Stewardship Pathways supported attendance last month at Wild Willow Farms for the second weekend of a technical training providing participants with knowledge and hands-on learning building soil fertility and propagating plants.

A group of people sit in chairs in an outdoor classroom with dried gourds hanging from its tented roof. A person sits on a desk at the front leading the class.
Photo courtesy of Condor Visual Media, taken by Andrew Pittman

On Saturday July 22nd, the Climate Science Alliance hosted the second part of our Stewardship Pathways technical training at Wild Willow Farms & Education Center, a two-part training on Propagation Basics and Building Soil Fertility. This day was made possible by collaboration between our Climate Science Alliance team and Wild Willow staff members, along with all our outstanding participants.

Photos courtesy of Condor Visual Media, taken by Andrew Pittman

Our morning began with a warm welcome to our over 20 participants with some hot coffee and light snacks as we settled into place. Dr. Stan Rodriguez, Kumeyaay, started our day with an opening welcome where he spoke on the history of Indigenous agriculture in Southern California, and how it is relative to our interactions with modern agriculture practice. Stan used Kumeyaay language to connect us to land and place while providing warm greetings to our event attendees.

Photo courtesy of Condor Visual Media, taken by Andrew Pittman

We then made our way over to the outdoor classroom to begin the first part of our technical training about plant propagation with Paul Mashk, the lead farm instructor who led our day of interactive learning. Participants were able to get hands-on experience at the farm, preparing the soil for planting. For the second part of the training, participants were able to analyze their planting soil from home, and learn how to improve it.


A shoe stands on a garden tool, a sock peaks out with "Native Land" embroidered on it.

Thank you to Paul, Sierra, Mae and the rest of the Wild Willow team for hosting our Stewardship Pathways training! Thank you to Madison Wilson, for helping plan and execute this training. We miss you already!

Special thank you to all of our Stewardship Pathways sponsors.

Read about the first Stewardship Pathways training held at Wild Willow on efficient irrigation systems, integrated pest management, and gardening for pollinators here.


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