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Audrey Carver Steps Into Intergenerational Education and Outreach Role

The Climate Science Alliance team is excited to announce that Audrey Carver, previously our Climate Literacy Fellow, now joins the team as our Intergenerational Education and Outreach Lead. Hear from Audrey on today’s blog!

“I am so excited to be stepping into a new role at the Alliance, where I will be taking over all things Climate Kids, developing new curricula, and working with our wonderful partners!”

My name is Audrey Carver, and I am the new Intergenerational Education and Outreach Lead here at the Climate Science Alliance. After studying Scientific Communication at Tufts University and graduating in June, then working as the Climate Literacy Fellow during the summer, I am stoked to step into a more permanent role where I will help develop new education materials and collaborate with partners.

While I am new to this role, I have worked with the Alliance since I was 16 as an affiliated artist, and this organization is the reason that I chose to go into the field of environmental education. I believe wholeheartedly in our work, and I am always happy to hear your ideas and connect about collaboration!



Learn more about Climate Kids here.


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