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Climate Science Alliance Celebrates a Great Earth Day at Pechanga

Thank you to the Pechanga Indian Reservation Environmental Department for inviting us out to celebrate Earth Day! It was a busy day with lots of fun and lots of meaningful conversations with attendees. Thanks for inviting us to celebrate Earth Day with you!

Two people sitting behind a table displaying information about the Climate Science Alliance. There is a Climate Science Alliance tablecloth and large pop up banner. The table features several giveaways, coloring book, soap, clif bars, rainbow pencils.

Climate Science Alliance had a blast talking with attendees and vendors at the Pechanga Earth Day celebration on April 13, 2024! It was a busy day filled with lots of conversations and fun with 200+ attendees.

As we were setting up, we got off to a rocky start when our canopy broke. But the event organizers were amazing and helped us find a spare one to use. We are so thankful for the hospitality of the organizers. There was great food, great energy and a great MC throughout the day!

Group of people chatting with the Climate Science Alliance staff at their booth. In the foreground you can see the large orange and yellow checkered board associated with the Up, Down & All Around: Pathway to Good Fire game.

In addition to the Climate Science Alliance staff, our current Climate Education Intern Evan Foskett and a partner from California Sea Grant joined our booth to chat with attendees about all the awesome work we are doing together!

We talked to attendees about environmental stewardship and specifically Indigenous fire stewardship. We played our new educational game Up, Down, & All Around: the Pathway to Good Fire, as a way to talk about the relationship that plants and animals in Southern California have with fire and the ways that we can be good fire stewards. Both kids and adults alike expressed awe in how beneficial fire can be for the ecosystem!

At our table attendees had the opportunity to sign up for our newsletter, take an informational postcard about our projects, grab a Plant Relatives of the Southern California Desert coloring book, take a sticker or enjoy the giveaways donated by CLIF Bar and Dr. Bronners.

The Climate Science Alliance also donated a tote bag full of environmental stewardship children's books for the raffle and was excited to share that resource with the raffle winner!

Person in overalls holding a tote bag and a person talking into a microphone in front of the Climate Science Alliance engagement booth.

A big thank you to the Pechanga Band for hosting us and for creating such a wonderful Earth Day event!


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