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Climate Science Alliance Collaborative Efforts Detailed in New US Forest Service Priority Landscape

Earlier this year, the US Forest Service released new wildfire management strategy resources for the West, listing Southern California as a priority landscape. The Climate Science Alliance has been working with the US Forest Service for many years and we are excited to see our collaborative efforts highlighted.

A page from the report titled Southern California Fireshed Risk Reduction Strategy. The page is set against a photo of a mountain landscape.

The US Forest Service is bringing more attention and resources to Southern California, listing it as a “Priority Landscape” for wildfire management. A new report and ArcGIS map show how the US Forest Service is implementing strategies and priorities for fire management in the Southern California region, as well as other priority landscapes in the West.

It is great to see an increase in resources and attention highlighting the collaborative partnerships and projects in our region to build resilience. The Climate Science Alliance team is excited to see our collaborative efforts detailed in the report and story map.

View the report, “Confronting the Wildfire Crisis: Expanding Efforts to Deliver on the Wildfire Crisis Strategy”, here.

View the ArcGIS map, “Southern California Fireshed Risk Reduction Strategy”, here.


Learn more about our collaborative efforts below:

A Climate-Informed Conservation Strategy

The goal of this project is to advance our collective understanding of the vulnerabilities and challenges facing these forests and identify the opportunities and strategies for increasing forest resilience.

This multi-jurisdictional project is a collaborative partnership among the Climate Science Alliance, U.S. Forest Service, Institute for Ecological Monitoring and Management at San Diego State University, and the Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center. Through collaborative planning sessions, guided by stakeholder input, we will develop a scientific assessment and create a conservation strategy for southern California’s montane forests.

Advancing Tribal Stewardship of All Ancestral Lands

Presented by the Climate Science Alliance Tribal Working Group, the Stewardship Pathways Program invites people from across Southern California who are interested in creating or expanding a career focused on advancing Indigenous climate stewardship.

With a foundation around the equal valuation of ways of knowing, and an emphasis on integration of climate science and cultural knowledge, the Stewardship Pathways Program’s intent is to build capacity, support economic development, and advance co-stewardship of ancestral lands through various training pathways.


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