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Climate Science Alliance Welcomes 2022 Climate Resilience Intern, Nizhoni Tallas!

The Climate Science Alliance is excited to welcome Nizhoni Tallas—our 2022 Climate Resilience Intern—to the team. Meet Nizhoni and learn more about her role at the Alliance in today’s blog.

We are excited to welcome Nizhoni Tallas as our 2022 Climate Resilience Intern. Nizhoni is from Rough Rock, AZ and pursuing a Ph.D. program at the University of Arizona and is an Indige-FEWSS trainee. Nizhoni’s internship with Climate Science Alliance will focus on the “Resilient Restoration - Advancing Resilience with Tribal Nations in Southern California” project. This collaborative project promotes Tribal resilience by developing knowledge and supporting actions that enhance persistence of cultural practices with a focus on preserving the ecosystems and plant species that are integral to Tribal communities impacted by climate change.

Nizhoni will be working closely with the Climate Science Alliance team and have the opportunity to engage with our Tribal partners, researchers and stakeholders, to advance understanding of climate change impacts to plant communities and strategies to conserve and protect these resources.

We are grateful for our long standing partnership with the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals for providing support for this role. Since 1994, ITEP has offered student summer internships for Native American and other college students and we are thrilled to be part of ITEP’s 2022 Summer Student Internship Program.


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