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Climate Science Alliance Welcomes New Teammates

The Climate Science Alliance team is excited to welcome two new team members — Will Madrigal, Jr. and Ana Lutz-Johnson. Meet Will and Ana on today's blog!

Meet Will Madrigal, Jr.!

Tribal Capacities and Partnerships, Program Manager

As the new Tribal Capacities and Partnerships Program Manager for the Climate Science Alliance, Will is excited to work closely with Southern California Tribal Nations to build relationships between Tribal representatives, scientists, managers, and community partners to support advancement of Tribally-visioned, led, and implemented climate resilience projects within the Climate Science Alliance’s portfolio. Will is a California Indian Professor of American Indian Studies/History/Language, and an enrolled member of the Cahuilla Band of Indians located here in Riverside County. He grew up on the reservation learning and practicing his traditional ways. He is a Native Educator, Language Teacher, and Cultural Resource Manager, having worked for numerous tribal governments in Riverside/ SanBernardino counties as a professional for many years. Will’s doctorate work includes de-constructing native studies through an interdisciplinary, indigenous lens. Archival study of his Cahuilla ancestry and interactions with early colonizers in Riverside County, with regards to impacts on the economic and socio-political identity of the region. Emphasis is also given to epistemic and ontological knowledge transfer. 

Meet Ana Lutz-Johnson!

Collaboration and Engagement Coordinator

As the Collaboration and Engagement Coordinator for the Climate Science Alliance, Ana will work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders to advance projects focused on climate change science and solutions. By emphasizing inclusivity and equity within her work, Ana aims to amplify community members’ voices and perspectives to develop innovative solutions in the face of a changing climate. Ana is a lifelong San Diegan whose mission is to contribute to a legacy that protects and empowers both people and the planet. With four years in the non-profit sector, Ana has been a key leader in the environmental education sector. She has created innovative and interdisciplinary curricula and programs that promotes civic engagement, climate science, and a deep understanding of the natural and cultural resources found within the San Diego region. Ana graduated from California State University, San Marcos, with her B.A. in Environmental Studies and minor in Anthropology. Because of her work on campus, Ana received the 2017 Tukwut Leadership Award as the Outstanding Social Advocate for inspiring change, promoting solidarity, and empowering others to make a difference.


We are excited to welcome both Will and Ana to the team and look forward to continuing our work safeguarding natural and human communities from the impacts of climate change!


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