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Coastal Sage Scrub Restoration Training A Success

Over 20 participants of the Stewardship Pathways program gathered on Kumeyaay land for a day of hands-on coastal sage scrub restoration work, pulling introduced species and planting native plants at the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Training participants circle around to watch a demonstration of planting, surrounded by irrigation lines and protective cones for mature seedlings. A videographer crouches to capture the restoration activity.

As part of the Climate Science Alliance’s (Alliance) Stewardship Pathways program, over 20 participants gathered on Kumeyaay land on February 18th for a day of hands-on coastal restoration at the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The day took off with a blessing from Dr. Stan Rodríguez at the US Fish and Wildlife Service restoration site, who then spoke about the history of Kumeyaay land – which ranges from North San Diego County, all the way South of the border past Ensenada, Baja California.

Guided by the USFWS’s Urban Program Coordinator Chantel Jimenez, attendees participated in an active restoration effort, pulling introduced species like chrysanthemum and horehound from the ground. After the weeding efforts were done, participants prepared the planting space with a tobacco offering led by Alliance Climate and Community Fellow Shannon Magee (Payómkawichum/Cahuilla). Once the soil was prepared by digging up some holes, participants placed 75 native plants in the ground together.

All the hard work and laughs warranted a hydration, nourishment, and shade break. After lunch, attendees returned to the restoration site to also nourish the plants with some water. Once the plants had been hydrated, the group took off on a scavenger hunt along the marsh, enjoying the natural surroundings. The day ended with a quick raffle and a reflection circle indoors, where people shared what they had enjoyed from the training day.

Thank you to everyone that was able to participate on this special day. The Climate Science Alliance looks forward to sharing space and learning with everyone in more Stewardship Pathways training efforts.

Presented by the Climate Science Alliance Tribal Working Group, the Stewardship Pathways Program invites people from across Southern California who are interested in creating or expanding a career focused on advancing Indigenous climate stewardship. Learn more about Stewardship Pathways at:


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