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CWC Regional Planning Survey Results Now Available!

Earlier this year, planners in our region participated in a survey led by the Connecting Wildlands and Communities (CWC) project team. From water sustainability to carbon sequestration, hear how planners are engaging to meet State objectives for climate adaptation and how the CWC deliverables will support them.

The Connecting Wildlands and Communities (CWC) project, funded by the California State Strategic Growth Council, is examining how future planning in southern California can meaningfully integrate State objectives on mitigating wildfire risk, supporting water sustainability, protecting biodiversity, as well as considering carbon sequestration potential and collaborating with Tribal representatives throughout the planning process.

Earlier this year, the CWC team requested input from planners in our region about how they currently integrate data into their planning practices and what data or visualization tools they are familiar with or currently use. This anonymous survey provided valuable information for the CWC project teams as they build and finalize deliverables for planners in our region to utilize.

The survey results have been compiled into 6 different feedback themes: Water sustainability, wildfire impacts, biodiversity protection, carbon sequestration, planning practices, and collaboration with Tribal representatives. To view the survey results, click on the images below.

Water Sustainability

Wildfire Impacts

Biodiversity Protection

Carbon Sequestration

Planning Practices

Collaboration with Tribal Representatives


To learn more about the Connecting Wildlands and Communities project, visit:


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