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It's here! Climate Change and the Baja California Peninsula: A Baja Working Group Report

On behalf of the Climate Science Alliance and dedicated members of the Baja Working Group, we are excited to release the Climate Change and the Baja California Peninsula report.

The Baja Working Group has been hard at work to compile an overview of climate change knowledge specific to the Baja California Peninsula, research gaps, and opportunities for working collaboratively to advance climate science and solutions. This report reflects input and feedback from Baja Working Group members whose work spans the Peninsula and its surrounding waters.

This report serves as a snapshot of existing regional climate knowledge and information gaps. We identified three high priority areas that merit immediate actions: (1) expanding the availability of downscaled information, (2) updating existing information that is sometimes over a decade old, and (3) increasing long-term monitoring. There is a profound opportunity to work collaboratively as the know-how to do this work already exists.

Baja Working Group Member Perspectives

The Baja Working Group represents a diversity of disciplines and perspectives from both sides of the border. As such, members contributed individual case studies on their core area of expertise, weighed in on how climate change may impact their work, and identified key needs for moving forward. We invite you to click on the titles below to explore these perspectives.

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This report was created with assistance from the Climate Science Alliance Baja Working Group with support from the International Community Foundation and the National Park Service.


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