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Meet the Alliance’s 2024 Technical Advisors!

The Climate Science Alliance team welcomes our 2024 Technical Advisors, who lend expertise and vision for core projects on coastal resilience, fire stewardship, and cross-border partnerships. Meet the Technical Advisors—Ron W. Goode, Ana Gloria (Martha) Rodriguez, Stan Rodriguez, Teresa Romero, and Wesley Ruise, Jr.—on today’s blog!

"Meet the Technical Advisors" above photos of the five Climate Science Alliance Advisors: Ron W. Goode, Ana Gloria (Martha) Rodriguez, Stan Rodriguez, Teresa Romero, and Wesley Ruise, Jr.

At the Climate Science Alliance, our team of staff, fellows, and interns are fortunate to work with several advisors who bring extensive background, expertise, vision, and heart to our collaborative work. Our 2024 Technical Advisors are helping guide the Alliance’s core project areas, providing direction in our planning efforts and lending in-person support for community convenings.

Get to know each of the five Technical Advisors—Ron W. Goode, Ana Gloria (Martha) Rodriguez, Stan Rodriguez, Teresa Romero, and Wesley Ruise, Jr.—and how they guide core project areas ranging from coastal resilience, fire stewardship, and cross-border partnerships below.


A headshot of Ron W. Goode

Ron W. Goode

Cultural Burning Advisor

In January, the Honorable Ron W. Goode joined the Climate Science Alliance as the Cultural Burning Advisor. In his role, he supports learning exchange opportunities for ongoing cultural burning events in northern California and provides guidance on facilitating cultural burns in southern California.

The Honorable Ron W. Goode is the Tribal Chairman of the North Fork Mono Tribe since 1983. He is a Veteran of the United States Army; a Life Member of the Sierra Mono Museum and of the United States Judo Federation. Ron holds a 6th degree Black Belt in Judo and still enjoys teaching. He is also a retired Community College Prof. in Ethnic Studies. Receiving his Life Credential from the State of California and National University of Fresno. Ron was inducted in the Clovis Hall of Fame for his work in Education and Community Service in 2002. In 2006 he was selected as CA Indian Education Teacher of the Year and in 2006 and 2007 Mr. Goode was nominated for the Who’s Who of America’s Teachers. In 2013 Ron was recognized by Gov. Brown for his work with the Dept. of Water Resources and co-founder of the Tribal Water Summit. In 2022 Ron was honored by the Society of California Archaeology for the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in Cultural Preservation. At the 2023 Tribal Water Summit that Ron chaired, the State of CA Legislature honored him with a Proclamation recognizing his endeavors organizing and leadership of the 4th CA Tribal Water Summit.  Mr. Goode is a published author, an ethnobotany book on native plants and resources: Cultural Traditions Endangered, 1992. In 2017-2018 Ron was the Coordinating Lead Author for the Tribal Indigenous Communities Climate Change Assessment as a new report of the California 4th Climate Change Assessment. Ron is also the Co-Founder of the CA State Tribal Water Summit and has chaired all three of the events and is heading up the 4th Water Summit in 2023. Ron and his tribal archaeological team have been conducting archaeology five decades. There are now mapping their traditional homeland trails and watersheds, including adding ancient village and landscape names from the Nium language. Ron and the Tribe and tribal team partner with numerous colleges and Universities to conduct and train other Native American Monitors as well as agency archaeologist and cultural resource managers in new and advances archaeological techniques. Mr. Goode and his tribal and ecological team, have been conducting Cultural Burns with Sequoia Park, Bass Lake Ranger District - Sierra National Forest, Cold Springs Rancheria, Private and Tribal Lands in Mariposa with the Mariposa Miwok Tribe. Ron then takes their practical work and presents it at Universities, Colleges, Seminars, Webinars, via Zoom and other Internet venues. Ron’s Journal writings and Webinar presentations have garnered worldwide attention.


A headshot of Ana Gloria (Martha) Rodriguez

Ana Gloria (Martha) Rodriguez

Cross Border Partnerships Advisor

Since joining the Climate Science Alliance as the Cross Border Partnerships Advisor in September of last year, Ana Gloria (Martha) Rodriguez has worked closely with the Alliance team and our network of partners on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border to strengthen partnerships and provide critical support to discussions at multiple convenings. 

Ana Gloria (Martha) Rodriguez is continuing a family tradition of passing on the knowledge and expertise of the Kumeyaay people to the next generation. Following the wishes of the Elders to keep our Language and Culture alive and vibrant. She is also an Instructor at Kumeyaay Community College presenting classes in Basketry, Pottery, and Kumeyaay Foods. She is also assisting with the Kumeyaay Language classes and the Kumeyaay Tools class. She is the Founder and CEO of the Tipey Joa Native Warriors, Jakunil and Kosay Kumeyaay Market, the National Advisor for the Kumiai Nation in Mexico, and on the Board of Directors of the ACLU San Diego and Imperial County.


A headshot of Stan Rodriguez

Stan Rodriguez

Coastal Advisor

Dr. Stan Rodriguez began his role as Coastal Advisor to the Climate Science Alliance in January. Building upon his ongoing involvement in the Stewardship Pathways training program, Dr. Rodriguez works closely with the Alliance team to identify opportunities for coastal reconnection and advise on meaningful engagement curriculum. 

Dr. Stan Rodriguez, member of the Santa Ysabel Band of the Iipay Nation, is a mentor to students of all ages and advocate for cultural preservation.  Serving in a number of advising and teaching roles in universities and organizations across southern California, he is dedicated to educating about Kumeyaay history, culture, and language revitalization. Dr. Rodriguez was appointed to the California Native American Heritage Commission in 2021 and has developed an accelerated Kumeyaay language immersion program serving Kumeyaay Community College/Cuyamaca College since 2005. Dr. Rodriguez served in the U.S. Navy from 1985 to 1991, earned a Master of Arts degree in Human Behavior, and Doctorate in Education from the University of California, San Diego.


A headshot of Teresa Romero

Teresa Romero

Coastal Advisor

In February, the Climate Science Alliance welcomed Teresa Romero as a Coastal Advisor. In her role, she uplifts the partnership between the Alliance and the Native Coast Action Network to enhance climate adaptation efforts and environmental stewardship within coastal communities and activities.

Teresa, with three other Indigenous women established a non-profit, the Native Coast Action Network to assist West Coast Indigenous communities build capacity and assist in implementing cultural and traditional ecological initiatives. Teresa Romero formerly served as the Environmental Director for the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash. Teresa has spent many years working in Tribal community, Mental Health advocacy and Non-Profit Arts. Originally from Montecito, Teresa has deep ties and history in Santa Barbara County. Teresa has deep experience in building partnerships, collaborations, and relationships across diverse communities. Teresa is an enrolled member of the Coastal Band of Chumash and traces her Chumash lineage to the villages of Tipu and Shalawa. Teresa is a member Syuxtun Plant Collective, a Traditional plant collective focusing on tending, gathering and preparation of traditional plants. Teresa serves on local Boards of the Land Trust for Santa Barbara, The Wilderness Youth Project, the Central Coast Joint Venture and the Executive Committee for the Central Coast Climate Justice Network. Teresa enjoys spending time at the ocean, traditional gathering, sharing time with her family and with Community.


A headshot of Wesley Ruise, Jr.

Wesley Ruise, Jr.

Stewardship Pathways: Fire Advisor

The Climate Science Alliance team has had the honor to work with Fire Chief Wesley Ruise, Jr. since January of 2022, where he played a critically important lead role in the creation of the Indigenous Fire, Forestry and Fuels Crew and the Southern California Interagency Fire and Fuels Cadre, while also strengthening the vision of the Stewardship Pathways: Fire training program for workforce development. He continues to support the Crew, Cadre, and the Stewardship Pathways program in his role as Stewardship Pathways: Fire Advisor.

Wesley G. Ruise Jr. is a third generation wildland firefighter, fire chief of the La Jolla Reservation Fire Department, and Tribal Member, Luiseño, Digueño, Mojave (Payómkawichum). Wes and his family started the Reservation fire department in 1985. Up until his retirement from the U.S. Forest Service in 2015, Chief Ruise dedicated his life to just under 36 years in Fire suppression, Prevention, Detection, Aviation and Prescribed Fire, Hotshot Superintendent, District Fire Management Officer positions with the Forest Service. Along with his 38 years of all risk fire and emergency services with the Reservation Department, Chief Ruise Jr. holds numerous qualifications within the wildfire and prescribed arena. As the Stewardship Pathways: Fire Technical Advisor to the Climate Science Alliance, Chief Wesley G. Ruise Jr. collaborates, advises, and supports the Alliance team in efforts related to Tribal climate resilience, forestry and fuels management, land stewardship, Tribal fire management, and cultural burning as appropriate. Chief Wesley Ruise Jr. began a two-year advisory position in January 2022, working closely with the Climate Science Alliance team to advance projects and programming for the establishment of the Indigenous Fire, Forestry, and Fuels crew, identification of individuals to serve on the crew, and the development and facilitation of training and capacity building opportunities for participants. Chief Ruise Jr. also provided leadership and direction through the Southern California Interagency Fire and Fuels Cadre, which continues to meet and inform training opportunities through the Stewardship Pathways program. In addition, Chief Ruise Jr. provided guidance and recommendations on the Resilient Restoration project and the 2022 Southwestern Tribal Climate Change Summit. He continues to support the Crew, Cadre, and the Stewardship Pathways program in his role as Stewardship Pathways: Fire Advisor.


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