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Play Climate Kids Bingo and Help Protect the Earth!

Check out our new Climate Kids Bingo Card! Mark off different actions you can take to protect and explore the environment around you. Can you get five in a row? What about all 25? Get started today and let us know how you are doing!

We here at Climate Kids HQ, know that it’s been difficult for lots of Climate Kids to have adventures  with everyone stuck at home. Luckily, we have been hard at work creating fun ways for you to learn about climate change, interact with the natural environment, and continue your good work to help protect the earth without needing to leave your backyard or neighborhood!

Climate Science Alliance Affiliated Artist and Science, Media, and Art Intern Audrey Carver created this fun Climate Kids Bingo Card to challenge all the Climate Kids at home with different ways they could help reduce their impact on the earth. Maybe you choose to make a home for wildlife or unplug all of your electronic devices - there are so many actions we can take everyday that add up to a better future for people and the planet. 

Once you are done with your Climate Kids Bingo Card, feel free to share photos of your completed card and the actions you took with us at or on social media @climatesciencealliance and @CSAinAction. We can’t wait to see! 

This project is a product of Climate Kids Connects. Climate Kids Connects is sponsored by San Diego Gas & Electric. As our world shifts, we understand the need to adapt for an emergent digital community. By enhancing our online outreach efforts we can build capacity and continued support for climate education. Learn more at


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