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Stewardship Pathways Program Hosts Second Native Plant Propagation Training

The second native plant propagation training took place in April hosted by the Pauma and Pechanga Bands of Luiseño Indians. Trainees had two days to connect with each other, the landscape, scientists, Indigenous Elders, and to learn technical skills around plant propagation.

Over the past year, the Climate Science Alliance has been working hard at developing our Stewardship Pathways Programs. Part of our larger Resilient Restoration project, the Stewardship Pathways Program invites Indigenous peoples from across Southern California who are interested in building or expanding a career focused on native plant restoration or wildland firefighting and monitoring.

This year, the native plant propagation pathway consists of various training sessions focusing on different propagation techniques in a regional, climate, and cultural context. Twenty-five trainees from across Southern California come together to obtain this hands-on learning.

The second of these training sessions took place in April of 2022. One day was hosted by the Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians, where trainees were led into the portion of Palomar Mountain that is cared for by the Pauma Band to learn about forestry and restoration efforts led by Pauma, the local flora and fauna of the mountain, and the microclimates that exist along different elevation gradients.

Trainees tour restoration sites and participate in restoration activities, including guided planting of native plants.

The second day was hosted by the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians, specifically the Pechanga Cultural Center. Trainees participated in a discussion around propagation techniques, and then explored the Pechanga nursery for an opportunity to learn about nursery operations and to try out various techniques for processing and propagating seeds and bulbs.

We thank all of the participants of the training for their time and active engagement throughout the weekend. We would also like to thank the leadership and community of the Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians and the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians hosting this training on their lands. Special thanks to our funders for making this work possible: California Strategic Growth Council and San Diego Gas and Electric.

Trainees learn about and practice gathering outside the Pechanga Cultural Center and propagation at the Nursery.


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