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The Alliance Welcomes Kara Conner and Patricia Fernandez as Our New Science Program Managers

We are excited to announce the Alliance’s newest team members, Kara Conner and Patricia Fernandez! Kara and Patricia play key roles in supporting our Science Program, with Kara supporting the Collaborative of Native Nations for Climate Transformation and Stewardship (CNNCTS) and Patricia supporting coastal resilience and Binational Working Group initiatives. Meet Kara and Patricia on today’s blog!

"Welcome to the team, Kara Conner and Patricia Fernandez" in large letters above the text "Join us in welcoming Kara Conner and Patricia Fernandez as our Science Program Managers. Meet them on today's blog!" Photos of Kara and Patricia are collaged over a light red oval. The Climate Science Alliance logo is in the bottom right corner.

The Climate Science Alliance is excited to welcome our newest team members, Kara Conner and Patricia Fernandez! In their roles as Science Program Managers, they facilitate partnerships that connect, translate, and disseminate the best available regionally-specific climate science and impacts on natural ecosystems and communities. 

Kara supports the Collaborative of Native Nations for Climate Transformation and Stewardship (CNNCTS), a collaborative project that supports coastal resilience, cultural and prescribed fire, climate-informed restoration, and land rematriation efforts that center community priorities and relationships with the land. Patricia supports coastal resilience efforts on both sides of the US-Mexico border through the Binational Working Group and advancing coastal-focused stewardship opportunities through the Stewardship Pathways program. Learn more about Kara and Patricia below!


A photo of Kara Conner

Kara Conner

Kara Conner (she/her) is the Science Program Manager for the Climate Science Alliance and will play a lead role in supporting the Collaborative of Native Nations for Climate Transformation and Stewardship. Connecting herself and others to the natural world has been at the core of her career. Kara is a passionate voice for the environment, sustainability, and food ethics. She connects people to local resources and builds places of community throughout all her work. Through all of her experiences she has valued and centered the relationships and partnerships that create the backbone for collaborative change. She studied environmental science as an undergraduate and developed an unwavering connection to the land after experiencing the depths and glory of the Grand Canyon. Kara has traveled and worked in dozens of National Parks and Forests across the country, inspiring young leaders and connecting youth to the land by way of land stewardship and conservation initiatives. While running a nonprofit organization just north of Seattle, on Duwamish land, she promoted food equity and created free community programming centered around food access and education. Seeking to be closer to the coast and wildlands of Southern California she currently lives in San Diego, on Kumeyaay land, with her partner, and very boisterous cat. Throughout her career Kara has been a certified Wilderness First Responder, Crosscut Faller (trained by the Dolly Chapman), Backcountry Wilderness Volunteer, and a Leave No Trace Master Educator. She has also held board seats for multiple organizations supporting food equity, including the Washington State Farmers Market Association.


A photo of Patricia Fernandez

Patricia Fernandez

Science Program Manager

Patricia Fernandez (she/her) serves as the Science Program Manager for the Climate Science Alliance, where she plays a key role in supporting coastal resilience and binational working group initiatives. A lifelong enthusiast of marine science, Patricia's youth was marked by befriending street dogs and exploring the biodiversity on the coastlines of San Felipe, Baja California for several months each year. She was part of the inaugural class of marine biology undergraduates at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Following that, Patricia pursued a Master's degree in marine environment and resources management at the University of the Basque Country in Spain, specializing in bio-inspired materials derived from the hydrodynamic design of shark skin. Driven by her desire to share the beautiful and intricate stories of marine life with others, Patricia has engaged in various freelance science communication projects worldwide. Most recently, she led a program that shared stories of unique individuals and pathways within STEM, working to counteract stereotypes and promote a more equitable future for the field.


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