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Lizzy the Lizard - A Children’s Story

A Binational Working Group 2023 Small Grants Recipient


This project revolves around the graphic design of a children's story that tells the story of a lizard of spotted sides, in search of its identity. On its journey, it comes across other species that live in its surroundings and learns how each is unique and with characteristics that distinguish them from one another. The objective of this story is to bring attention to reptiles, as they are some of the most misunderstood animals in society. Anny looks for this story to be the first in a series that reveals the diversity of fauna in the Baja California region. The disconnect between community and our environment is one of the reasons people do not value nature, and the services it brings us. In Baja California, it is rare to encounter children's stories about native species, and it's indispensable to begin creating this material. Environmental education is a critical initiative to avoid making the same mistakes, and achieving climate resilience.

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Anny Peralta García

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