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Baja Working Group

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Carbon Sequestration in Mangrove Ecosystems

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Led by the Alliance’s Climate Intern, Paula Sternberg, this project seeks to compare different methods used to measure belowground carbon in mangrove ecosystems. Currently, there is no standard tool or methodology for measuring belowground carbon across scientific studies. Oftentimes, studies measure carbon to different depths using various coring techniques. The goal of this project is to develop a conversion system across these differing tools and techniques that allows for easier assessment of total carbon and better comparison across mangrove studies.

Attenuatas Forest Restoration


Pinus attenuata is a species of pine tree normally associated with the Pacific Northwest of the United States. However, 2,000 kilometers south, in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico there is an isolated coniferous forest where P. attenuata also thrives.  

Led by Dr. Horacio de la Cueva, senior researcher at CICESE and Secretary of Terra Peninsular, the Attenuatas Forest Restoration project seeks to preserve this relict coniferous forest and make it more resilient to the impacts of a changing climate. 

The goal of the Attenuatas project is to ensure the full restoration of the forest after a 2017 fire destroyed a third of the Pinus attenuata forest. These efforts include monitoring the region alongside local university undergraduate and graduate students, as well as working with local schools and youth organizations to use this as an educational opportunity to learn about this unique ecological zone.

This project has persevered in the face of the pandemic. The team has adapted to be able to continue their restoration efforts.

Data Sharing

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To help facilitate the sharing of data and other information about the Baja California Peninsula region, the Baja Working Group has created a metadata repository of climatic data sources relevant to our region.

We have also created a private group within the Data Basin platform to centralize and contribute data, maps, and other material as it relates to the Baja California Peninsula.


If interested in joining or contributing to these efforts, please contact us at

Climate Change and the Baja California Peninsula

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In 2019, the Climate Science Alliance convened a binational group of scientists, natural resource managers, conservation groups, philanthropists, and educators to discuss what areas of focus for the Baja California Peninsular region the partners wanted to prioritize. Across the many areas of interest (e.g. species, ecosystems, land management, people, etc.), one consistent theme emerged: a need for an assessment of the state of climate change knowledge for the region.

To address that need, we have been working on an overview of the present state of climate knowledge—and possible implications—for the region. The goal of this project is to give rise to discussion around the subject of downscaled climate knowledge for the Baja California Peninsula, and to identify needs and future areas of collaboration. This report includes case studies of research activities across the region and provides an opportunity to better understand the state of our knowledge, identify research gaps, and advance collaboration.

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