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Kim Reasor

Climate Art Fellow

The Climate Science Alliance, in partnership with the Connecting Wildlands & Communities (CWC) Team at San Diego State University, was excited to host Kim Reasor as our 2020 Climate Art Fellow.  

Born in London and raised in Texas and Colorado, Kim always enjoyed making art and studied life drawing and oil painting with master teachers in Denver and New Mexico before earning her BFA at Metropolitan State University. In the 1990s, she began to make oil paintings that explored the man made landscape. In 2003 she moved to San Diego and added Southern Californian sprawl and stucco to her repertoire, showing in a variety of gallery and museum shows.  

She is intrigued by the tightly interwoven quality of nature and development in the region, and explored these themes in her work for the Climate Art Fellowship. Of her art she says, “My work illuminates the overlooked and invisible through exploration of discarded landscapes and hidden worlds of science and nature.”

Kim Reasor
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