2020 Climate Art Fellow


"To me, resilience means persevering in the face of change and adversity. This could mean being strong enough to resist change, flexible enough to accommodate change, or innovative enough to transform in the face of change. To build resilience for our ecosystems and communities, we will have to employ all three of these approaches, but I am confident that by working cooperatively and being both creative and strategic, we can make progress and become more resilient together."

Dr. Megan Jennings

San Diego State University

Connecting Wildlands & Communities


The Climate Science Alliance, in partnership with the Connecting Wildlands & Communities (CWC) Team at San Diego State University, is excited to request proposals for our 2020 Climate Art Fellowship.

As a central tenet to our community engagement efforts, the Climate Science Alliance believes that public connection to scientific research can be effectively fostered through art and artists. We value art as a critical tool in communicating and disseminating climate science to diverse audiences - transcending culture, age, education level, and socioeconomic status. Thus, we oversee a vibrant Art + Community program that connects our large team of affiliated artists to climate researchers locally and globally to create an open conversation about climate impacts and how to relate them to the broader public in a way that engages and inspires. The Climate Art Fellowship brings one artist together with partners, affiliated researchers, and community leaders to help the Alliance engage with local communities on climate impacts and solutions to help make informed decisions that will enhance their resilience to climate change impacts.

To learn more about the Connecting Wildlands and Communities project, please visit:



Connected landscapes play an important role in climate resilient natural lands. In 2018, an interdisciplinary team, led by the Institute for Ecological Monitoring and Management at San Diego State University and the Climate Science Alliance, set out to explore how connected landscapes can support adaptation and resilience to climate change for both natural ecosystems and local human communities in southern California. Using an integrative approach, the team of planners, environmental engineers, ecologists, and geographers are looking to better understand how we can optimize decision making around protecting human communities, mitigating wildfire risk, supporting water sustainability, and protecting biodiversity in the wildland-urban interface. The 2020 Climate Art Fellow will work with the Connecting Wildlands and Communities team to translate the themes and results of this work into an artistic piece or installation.



  • Commission of $5,000 for stipend and supplies

  • Opportunity to work with a diverse range of Climate Science Alliance partners in government agencies (Tribal, federal, state, and local), conservation organizations, research institutions, and formal and informal educators

  • Artist and Artwork showcased at the 2021 San Diego Climate Summit

  • Artwork integrated in the Climate Science Alliance exhibition, "The Art of Change"


  • The Climate Art Fellowship is a three month opportunity from June 2020 to August 2020

  • Work with Climate Science Alliance and CWC teams to complete piece/installation focused on the 2020 Fellowship Theme

  • Provide weekly updates and regular communication to CSA staff on progress

  • Assist Climate Science Alliance team in developing supporting materials for artwork (i.e. captions, labels, etc.)

  • Create a minimum of 4 blog posts documenting work


  • This call is open to artists living in the southern California region. Proposals for artwork from all artistic mediums will be considered - please be aware that pieces must be appropriate and durable for public display.

  • The Climate Science Alliance and our partners will maintain media and reproduction rights to the commissioned piece(s) for educational purposes.


Artists interested in the 2020 Climate Art Fellowship should prepare and submit the following:

  1. Letter of Interest. No more than one page in length, which explains your interest in this fellowship. Please include your name and preferred contact information.

  2. Proposed Artwork Concept. The proposal shall include conceptual design drawings or sketches sufficient to communicate the artist concept. It should include a budget and describe the specifications for the artwork. We understand that this concept might evolve throughout the course of the Fellowship.

  3. Artist Statement. No more than 200 words in length, describing your work.

  4. Current Resume

  5. Portfolio. Please provide a link to your portfolio or a maximum of three selections of your work.

Please compile all application materials into a single PDF (file name: LAST NAME_2020 CLIMATE ART FELLOWSHIP) and submit your packet to info@climatesciencealliance.org. Please put "2020 Climate Art Fellowship" in the email subject heading.

Materials must be received by May 15th, 2020 at 5:00pm PST to be considered.


Please share this opportunity with your network!

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