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2019 Southwestern Tribal Climate Change Summit


About the Summit


The 2019 Summit provided an opportunity to come together, focus on climate strategies and solutions, and advance Tribal resilience efforts throughout the Southwest and North America. The Summit was an interactive leadership-style retreat with small group breakout sessions, plenary style presentations on Tribal case studies, and a powerful climate training opportunity for student ambassadors.

We were happy to host the 2019 Summit in the beautiful homelands of the Mountain Cahuilla "kaweeyah" Indians. Idyllwild is referred to as "Taqwish Heki" in the Cahuilla language, and once had many Cahuilla villages. It is still frequented today by many Cahuilla as it is a special place to gather foods and medicine.



Thank you to our partners at Condor Visual Media for documenting the 2019 Southwestern Tribal Climate Change Summit.


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Youth Climate Challenge

As part of the Summit, the Youth Climate Challenge teamed up students to develop climate strategies and solutions relevant to their sphere of influence and develop action plans to implement them.

"Rise" Art Show

A curation of incredible artists that celebrate resilience and overcoming insurmountable odds in the face of our changing climate.

Community Gathering

The Celebrating Resilience gathering kicked off the Summit, featuring a poetry reading by Emily Clarke and performance from the internationally renowned Earth Warriors.

Download our full summary of the 2019 SWTCCS!

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