Celebrating Resilience, Culture, and Community


Over the last few years we have witnessed first hand the dramatic impacts of our changing climate. Devastating wildfires, drought, and extreme heat events have ravaged our natural landscapes and threatened our human communities. However, In the midst of catastrophe – there is hope. Ecosystems withstand and adapt, communities come together, from the ashes – we rise.


The Climate Science Alliance, in collaboration with partners of the 2019 Southwestern Tribal Climate change Summit, curated this exhibition of incredible artists to celebrate resilience and overcoming insurmountable odds in the face of our changing climate. 

At the culmination of this event, many of these pieces were integrated into the Art of Change collection and continue to inspire and empower our community of change. 

RISE Artists

Amanda Gormon - Roland Rollinmud - Tomaso Marcolla - Troy Schalge - Adi Khen - Lia Suprunenko - Elaine Zhang - Lee Baek - Nahyun Sung - Silin Huang - Di Bo - Seoyen Lee - Veronica Faulks - Rachel Welch - Judith Toepel - Huellas Volcánicas - Audrey Carver - Joan Green - Climate Kids Tribes

Featured Artwork

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Exhibition Host

Special thanks to Idyllwild Arts Academy for hosting the inaugural showing of the RISE Exhibition at the Parks Exhibition Center. To learn more about Idyllwild Arts Academy, please visit: www.idyllwildarts.org

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