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Recipient of the


Climate Adaptation Leadership Award

Dr. Jesús Serrano

Dr. Jesús Serrano has a focus on landscape planning, sustainable development, ecological networks, and invasive species. Serrano is the co-founder of Instituto de Planeación Ambiental y Calidad de Vida, A.C. (INPACVI), and received a 2022 Binational Working Group Small Grant to analyze the loss of resilience of a riparian forest in the city of Ensenada through biological indicators. Serrano has served as a professor in the Science and Marine Science departments at the Autonomous University of Baja California in Enseanda. He is also co-leading the first Binational Working Group Breakout Project focusing on ecological connectivity for coastal bird species in the binational corridor between San Quintín and San Diego. Serrano's work has been an example on how cross-boundary and community projects contribute to ecological, climate, and human resilience in the border region.

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