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Ecological Drought in Southern California

Developing a Framework for Drought Preparedness and Proactive Response



Southern California is an ecologically diverse region threatened by urbanization, water scarcity, and shifting wildfire frequency—A comprehensive drought preparedness and response strategy that considers the interrelated nature of these threats is needed.
This project will help build regional understanding of the vulnerabilities and effects of ecological drought for conservation and natural resource management.

Our framework for drought response will:

Foster and support a community of practice

Improve and increase accessibility of regionally relevant research

Identify priority research needs and products

Support strategic and science-informed decision making

This project is a collaboration between San Diego State University and its Institute for Ecological Monitoring and Management, Climate Science Alliance, Desert Research Institute, Western Regional Climate Center, and the Climate Hazard Center at UC Santa Barbara.

Learn more by visiting the Project Background page.

Summary of Kickoff Webinar

See full recording and slide deck here.

Technical Advisory Group


The Ecological Drought in Southern California project is convening a Technical Advisory Group to help guide this research. Advisors are asked to attend 4-6 meetings (approx. 1.5-2 hours each) over the next 18 months.


If you'd like to volunteer to serve as a technical advisory, please fill out the form linked below:

Kickoff Webinar


On February 28, 2023, the research team held a virtual kick-off webinar for those whose work is affected by drought and are interested in data, tools, or a community of practice. Attendees were provided with an introduction to the project, the research team, and most importantly, had the opportunity to provide much-needed feedback.

Webinar Recording
Webinar Slide Deck

Click on the images below to see feedback gathered from attendees:

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