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Resilient Roots

Climate-Smart Agriculture & Food Systems


Farmer Profiles

Southern California is home to an abundance of diverse and innovative farms that have adapted throughout time to the many challenges associated with farming in the region. On-going climatic changes, including more variable and extreme events, could exacerbate these existing challenges and result in additional impacts for the region’s agricultural lands and producers. In light of these challenges, farmers continue to play a critical role in advancing climate change solutions.

As part of the on-going efforts of the 2020 Climate Change Consortium for Specialty Crops, we are excited to share a series of producer stories, called “From the Ground Up: Farmer Profiles,” highlighting our region’s producers and the important work they do in our communities. These stories illustrate what it means to be a farmer in southern California, and the challenges and opportunities for advancing climate resilience.  

Coastal Roots Farm

Ricardo Lopez

Ricardo Lopez is the Vegetable Production Coordinator for Coastal Roots Farm. Located in Encinitas, California, this community-based farm specializes in organic vegetable production and hands-on education.

Image by Wimber Cancho
Grangetto Ranches Inc.

Edward and Karen Grangetto

Edward Grangetto, alongside his brother and sister, are co-owners of Grangetto Ranches Inc., where his wife Karen also works to help manage operations. Edward is co-founder of the Escondido Growers for Agricultural Preservation and works as a Crop Consultant and in handling outside sales for Grangetto’s Farm and Garden Supply.

Solidarity Farm

Ellee Igoe

Ellee Igoe is co-owner, farmer, and education coordinator at Solidarity Farm, and co-coordinator of the Carbon Sink Demonstration Farm at Pauma Tribal Farms in Pauma Valley, located in northeast San Diego County.

The Buzz on Bees!

Dr. James Nieh

For a special segment of the "From the Ground Up" series, we talked about climate impacts to honey bee health and populations with Dr. James Nieh, Associate Dean and Professor at UC San Diego, who participated in the 2020 Consortium.

Laganza Farm

Pedro Torres

Pedro Torres is an owner and grower at Laganza Farm, a small family farm with 3 acres of olives and 1/4 acre of apples in Aguanga, California.

Image by Markus Spiske
Escondido Growers for Agricultural Preservation

Edward Grangetto & John Burr

A two-part segment of the "From the Ground Up" series with Edward Grangetto and John Burr, co-directors of the Escondido Growers for Agricultural Preservation (EGAP).

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