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Brushes and Beakers

On Wednesday, March 9, Climate Science Alliance Science Program Manager, Dr. Megan Jennings, participated in Brushes and Beakers, an event connecting science and art in our local communities. The evening was hosted by the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering, in partnership with SD Wetlabs and the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, as part of the 10-day festival that took place the week of March 5. Four art galleries off Prospect Street in La Jolla hosted scientists from different specialties and participants were encouraged to walk between the galleries, enjoy a glass of wine, and talk with local scientists. Dr. Jennings, representing conservation and climate change science, had the opportunity to interact with attendees at the La Jolla Mangelsen gallery, surrounded by the art of renown conservation photographer, Thomas D. Mangelsen, with some of her study species well-represented in the photographs. Here, Jennings dons a pin declaring "I'm a scientist. Ask me anything!" while posing with one of Mangelsen's photos of a bobcat (Lynx rufus).

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