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Sea Level in San Diego: Managing a Changing Coast, Co-sponsored by The Surfrider Foundation

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 San Diego Foundation,

Hoffman Community Room

2508 Historic Decatur Rd.Ste. 200

San Diego, CA

Earn 2 Hours of MCLE credit

Seas are rising and storms are worsening, creating conflicts over how to manage our changing coastline and protect coastal infrastructure. The San Diego region faces tough choices in adapting to changing coastal conditions. This public event brings together experts in the science and policy of coastal adaptation in the San Diego region to inform community decision-making and to discuss the region's coastal adaptation choices.

Open to all community members with an interest in our changing coastline. Our emphasis will be on sharing information relevant to making local decisions about our coast. We'll hear from experts on the science of sea level rise and coastal adaptation, as well as from policymakers at the front lines of decision-making. We encourage lawyers and non-lawyers to attend.

For full information, see Sea Level Rise in San Diego.

You can now REGISTER ONLINE for this program.

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