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Climate Kids Field Trip to Batiquitos Lagoon

On Thursday, October 27th, Climate Kids from Carmel Del Mar School visited our partners at Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation. Kids made three rotations all connecting back to the importance of protecting the earth, learning about climate change and sharing with others.

On their first rotation, kids stopped inside the nature center to learn about the watershed and the effect climate change has on the habitat that dwell in it. They learned actions they can do to help keep point source pollution to a minimum, and ways they can help these animals thrive in face of a changing climate.

At their second rotation the kids participated in an art project led by our resident artist Joan Green. A collaborative art project used recycled household items such as caps, hangers, mesh and wire to make a beautiful collage of birds, fish and plankton representing the food chain. Kids then got to engrave their climate commitment on a reused wooden color sample of one of the "10 Things" they can do at home to help protect the planet, and bring it home attached to their backpack to share with others.

The third rotation featured a docent led hike where the kids walked up to a vista point of the lagoon and discovered some of the land changes such as bridges and freeways that have had an effect on the ecosystem. The kids learned about the importance of mitigation and habitat observation to keep the land at a balance.

View pictures of this fun field trip experience below!

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