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Climate Kids Reaches Each and Every Student at Pacific Beach Elementary

The Climate Science Alliance kicked off 2017 by delivering 6 weeks of Climate Kids programming to Pacific Beach Elementary (PBE). Students had a blast putting on their lab coats and taking on the role of scientist as they learned about climate change, sea level rise, ocean acidification, marine debris, atmospheric rivers, and what they can do to protect the earth. Each grade level participated in three days of activities where students worked collaboratively to test out three jobs of a scientist: Figure out the problem--find the solution--tell the story. With the help of our partners, San Diego Coastkeeper, Joan Green Art Labs, and Mission Bay High School, each and every student at PBE received Climate Kids programming in the form of hands-on science, art, AND storytelling.

Hands-on Science: San Diego Coastkeeper brought NGSS Climate Curriculum into the class with interactive activities aligned with grade appropriate curriculum. Specifically, students learned about watersheds and water pollution and how climate change is impacting these ecosystems along with what we can do to protect them. Students also learned about the impact of marine debris on ocean animals and how pollution can enter the oceans through storm drains. Students left with the knowledge and skills they need to help keep our oceans clean.

Storytelling: Climate Kids Ambassadors from Mission Bay High School provided a special storytelling session about ocean conservation and mentored students on how they can take their own earth friendly actions. The PBE students were excited to have the “big kids” in their class and the high school ambassadors were just as pleased.

Art: Artist Joan Green worked with the students to create a sculptural art project that all PBE students were be a part of. Students also created plankton and other ocean and climate change inspired art from reusable materials. This art is on display at the Pacific Beach Taylor Branch Library March 6th - April 27th.

10 Things to Help: The students learned 10 things they can do as Climate Kids to help the planet and are brainstorming more ideas: (1) Use Less Electricity, (2) Save Water, (3) Recycle, (4) Pick Up Trash, (5) Walk or Ride Your Bike, (6) Use Reusable Bags and Bottles, (7) Eat Your Veggies, (8) Start a Garden, (9) Read More About Climate Change and Share with Others, (10) Start an Earth-Friendly Project.

Recognition Ceremony: Once each class completed the Climate Kids program, they were honored in a recognition ceremony for their efforts to learn about climate change and how to protect the earth. Each student was presented with a certificate signed by the principal and their teacher as well as a Climate Kids coloring book.

Field Trip Opportunity: The fun is not over yet! All PBE students will attend a Climate Kids field trip to Cabrillo National Monument during Spring 2017.

The Alliance would like to thank all partners who were involved as well as PBE staff and teachers for supporting the Climate Kids program!

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