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5/18 Climate Change Mini Forum with Curious G Design Studio

Please join us for a Climate Change Mini-Forum!

In the spirit of information sharing and increasing awareness and understanding of climate impacts and solutions in our region, the Climate Science Alliance staff will be hosting a series of lecture/discussion sessions. These sessions will cover climate change, natural resource conservation, and other climate related topics relevant to Region 5 CDFW staff.

Our speaker for our eleventh mini forum is Milena Gavala.

Milena Gavala is an environmental scientist and visual science communicator. Milena works with science organizations to translate complex & technical concepts into accessible and memorable visuals that create "aha" moments for technical and non-technical audiences alike. Her minimalist style and concise visual story-telling work together to keep the science in focus but the audience engaged. She also teaches workshops that help scientists organize, distill, and beautify their own work into elegant and fun (but still accurate!) graphics. You can see Milena's work online at:

Milena will be sharing some examples of her work, as well as some key tips to help you improve your own graphics.

Our Speaker: Milena Gavala, Curious G Designs

Location: CDFW San Diego Large Conference Room,

3883 Ruffin Road, San Diego, CA 92123

Date/Time: May 18th, from 10am-11am

We hope to see you there!

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