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Climate Kids Messages Reach Students in Montana through New Collaboration

The Alliance is excited to share that Climate Kids messages have reached students in Montana through a new collaboration with Dr. Molly Cross, the Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator for the Wildlife Conservation Society. After connecting with Climate Science Alliance Director, Dr. Amber Pairis, Cross successfully brought Climate Kids programming to Hawthorne Elementary School in Bozeman, MT. Cross incorporated our messaging into her existing climate change education program and emphasized solution-based action by displaying our "Climate Kids in Action!" posters that give students 10 things they can do to help.

Dr. Cross also proposed an exciting new idea for Climate Kids in different states to communicate with each other: Climate Kids PenPal. A PenPal project between Climate Kids in Montana and in California would allow kids to share what kinds of changes they are seeing in their local environment and what solutions they are implementing in their communities. By writing across states, Climate Kids can see that they are not alone in their efforts to combat climate change, there are thousands of Climate Kids making a difference across the country.

Thank you, Dr. Cross, for your incredible work! We look forward to seeing what comes out of this new collaboration!

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