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Communicating Climate Change through Story Maps, CSA Presentation at 2017 ESRI User Conference

The South Coast region of California is alive with projects, planning efforts and partnerships that are focused on conserving the biological diversity and uniqueness of our region in the face of a changing climate. Alliance Staff member, Laura Hampton, used her background in Geography Information Systems (GIS) to create two interactive articles or Story Maps, that display the current work taking place to promote and implement climate change adaptation in the South Coast region.

Hampton presented her work at the 2017 ESRI User Conference. Her session titled "Communicating Climate Change Adaptation and Resiliency through Story Maps" gave a general overview of climate change impacts to the South Coast region, showcased examples of Story Maps that transformed stagnant maps and articles into user-friendly interactive communication tools, as well as provided additional viewers and data resources. You can check out these maps by clicking on the links below.

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