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Communicating Climate Change Adaptation & Resiliency Through Story Maps

Scientific research is alive in the South Coast. There are a lot of projects and studies to share, all amazing work that our partners are conducting. How can we translate scientific studies to a broad audience effectively? Through a new interactive article viewing system developed by ESRI called Story Maps!

Esri Story Maps let you combine scientific information and maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content, in other words using geography and creativity to tell a story!

Above we have an article of climate-smart case studies and a stagnant map of resilient coastline projects underway in the county of San Diego. Transforming these two examples into Story Maps means that a viewer can read through a structured article, gather an abundance of information and visuals and come out with a better grasp of the work than they could by looking at an image or by reading text alone. Check out how these stagnant articles have transformed by clicking on the images below.

Climate-Smart Case Studies

Resilient Coastlines Project of Greater San Diego

Story Maps Meet in the Middle

Below we see two extremes conveying data. On the left shifts in estuary behavior due to climate change through a GIS map, on the right an artist's representation of these scenarios. Story Maps meet in the middle, the combine hard data with creativity to produce a balanced picture of science.

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